World Tour

Hi Everyone,

Its been a long time, but Kieran and I have been so many places in the last year and done so much in the last year, it’s been hard to keep up.

We toured with the choir for 6 weeks, and then toured on our own (with mum) for another 5 weeks. We started in Hong Kong to Helsinki – Finland to London – England to Den Haag – Amsterdam to Paris – France, Salzburg & Vienna Austria to Denmark to Sweden to Gdansk & Warsaw – Poland and finally stopping in Norfolk – Conneticut, Virginia Beach – Virginia, Huntsville – Alabama, Disneyland – Anaheim, and San Francisco – California. Can you imagine all of that in 6 weeks with 56 people, all their luggage, AND 37 pieces of sound gear (the sound gear alone was 400 kgs), traveling for 6 weeks together, catching planes, boats, trains and buses everywhere!!! Big time Kudos to Warren and Narelle for the 3 years of hard work and organisation they put into the tour. It was incredible.

After we left the choir in San Francisco, met up with mum and traveled to Anchorage – Alaska, Las Vegas – Nevada, Grand Canyon – Phoenix and Los Angeles – California. We stayed with a close friend in LA named Koren, we had an awesome time with him and his brother and mates.

Much to Kieran’s dismay, I have fallen head over heals in love with America, and hope to be back there soon, maybe even do a little singing there.

A new album might come out of this… keep an eye out, and I’ll let you know!!!

Koren xxx